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In this article we will review the main benefits you can get if you want to buy zolpidem (AMBIEN) for any of your indications. This drug belongs to the types of medication known as hypnotic sedatives that are commonly used for sleep disorders, specifically for insomnia. It is similar to benzodiazepines but offers the advantage that it has no effect at the level of the spinal cord because it has a different mechanism of action. While initially zolpidem was not indicated as a muscle relaxant and anticonvulsant, it shares some properties of benzodiazepines and therefore can achieve these effects by increasing doses.


Zolpidem offers the advantage of having an almost immediate effect of action once it is taken therefore it is recommended that it be administered at bedtime. It has a relatively short half-life, which means that the day after taking it practically no negative effect is experienced. The main feature of the mechanism of action of AMBIEN is that it contributes to slowing down and slowing brain activity by making it possible to fall asleep.

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Insomnia is one of the most common sleep disorders in people. In general terms we can classify insomnia into two classes: on the one hand it is related to the impossibility of reaching sleep in a time less than 30 minutes. This is what is known as initial insomnia. On the other hand, there is what is called maintenance insomnia. People who suffer from this type of disorder are not able to maintain sleep on a regular basis throughout the night and as a consequence they usually wake up and stay in this state for at least half an hour. Another variant of maintenance insomnia occurs when the individual wakes up prematurely without being able to experience quality sleep. In turn, according to the evolution over time, insomnia can be classified as temporary when manifested for some days or weeks or as chronic when it extends over months or years.




The number of hours of sleep required is different according to each individual and there are various factors that influence to establish this number. It is usually considered that the average hours that a person has to sleep and then have an adequate performance in their daily tasks is 7 or 8 hours a day. However, there is a range of hours of sleep that varies between 4 hours (this would mean a sparse amount and is associated with people who sleep little) and 10 hours. This time frame stipulates that they are among the values ​​that can be understood as normal.

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As for the causes are divided among those that have a medical origin due to innumerable diseases, among which are the psychiatric disorders that maintain a close link with insomnia and those causes that respond to an external foundation. The latter are classified as: primary insomnia when an accurate origin cannot be detected; Idiopathic insomnia that occurs in childhood and is related to a poor internalization of the habit of sleeping; the perception of the unrefreshing sleep that causes tiredness and somnolence during the day and finally the psychophysiological insomnia. It should be noted that the fact of going through stressful situations also represents a propensity for insomnia.




You can buy Zolpidem in tablets form and you have the possibility to choose  long-acting zolpidem. In both cases it is given orally. It has been found that the action of this medication is faster when not taken with meals or immediately after dinner. This is because food decreases the amount of drug that is absorbed causing more time to reach the maximum effect of action and consequently sleep appears late. Zolpidem is absorbed satisfactorily by the gastrointestinal tract.


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Due to its powerful and immediate effect it is very possible that you start to feel very sleepy after taking zolpidem so it is recommended that you do it in the moments before going to sleep.

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You should know some guidelines regarding dosage and directions when taking Ambien. If you want to treat your insomnia in the short term the suggestion is to take 10 mg of zolpidem and not to exceed that amount. If you are also taking sedatives or tranquilizers it is more convenient to start treatment with doses less than 5 mg. On the other hand, for those people who have renal failure does not seem necessary to have to adjust the doses. Zolpidem should be used with great caution and caution in people who have had a history related to the abuse of alcohol and other substances




Some physicians and experts have considered that it is important to avoid the intake of substances that have caffeine when taking Ambien as it may have an effect contrary to the search. In spite of this, studies have been carried out in which the sedative effects of the drug were maintained in patients who took a dose of 150 mg -300 mg of caffeine. The most common side effects of zolpidem are headache, daytime drowsiness and dizziness. In turn the extensive experience in the use of this drug makes it possible to point out that under treatment with this hypnotic sedative you should experience important progress after 7 to 10 days of starting to take Ambien.

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Finally, it is important to note that zolpidem should be taken in not very long periods of time to avoid drug dependence. However you can consult with your doctor to precisely establish the dosing schedule and the time during which you will maintain the treatment. If you take these precautions you will have no problem with the use of this drug that will help you solve the insomnia problems that interfere with the performance of your daily activities.







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