Efficacy and safety of buy ambien for the treatment of insomnia

If you suffer about insomnia, buy ambien zolpidem online now. You can have good sources here already tested with fast shipping and trackable packages. Buy now your ambien online and get your medication really quickly. If you decide to purchase these pills, you need to know that currently, insomnia represents a problem that has a significant impact on public health worldwide as people suffering from it experience a considerable reduction in their quality of life. It is a problem that affects a high percentage of the population and has been detected that is increasingly manifested more frequently. The urban areas are the main focus in which the different sleep disturbances occur and this is due to the permanent situations of tension that the people living in these geographical areas must face.

One of the drawbacks to identifying a problem of insomnia or some other sleep pathology is that it is often difficult to recognize it as a symptom. However, physicians agree that insomnia represents a very common complaint of subjects with other psychiatric conditions: age-related crisis, chronic pain, and work-related disorders. Insomnia is a serious problem that hinders the normal development of people’s daily lives, as it causes drowsiness, anxiety, lack of concentration and difficulties in memory.

The physical and psychic consequences of insomnia make this pathology a reason for the social deterioration of a person. In this sense, it is important to note that research in this field has established the purpose of contributing to progress by developing rigorous and precise diagnostic criteria and in turn provide a treatment that is truly effective and does not present serious adverse effects.


One of the drugs that has shown favorable results to successfully combat insomnia is zolpidem (Ambien). Its effectiveness is explained by the fact that the sleep that induces zolpidem is much deeper and stays longer compared to short-acting benzodiazepines. At the same time, thanks to their own composition, most of the researchers who have studied the action of zolpidem agree that the frequency of adverse effects such as daytime sleepiness is much lower with Ambien than with other medications used to treat insomnia.

Several clinical studies have been developed in which results were obtained that allow the recommendation to buy zolpidem and to use it for the treatment of insomnia. Also, the daily experience of doctors who choose to prescribe this drug also supports the choice of this drug. In principle, from a more general point of view, we can affirm that zolpidem is a drug that presents a good tolerance in both young adults and in the elderly. It should be considered that this good tolerability profile of the drug is also related to certain variables that must be met, such as an adequate diagnosis about the condition, a correct dosage. If these variables are respected, people taking zolpidem should not have major drawbacks to prevent side effects. The low occurrence of these effects had already been previously verified even in investigations carried out before zolpidem came to market for its commercialization.


One of the most controversial aspects of zolpidem is that it is related to the risks of dependence and addiction. However, the most important thing to keep in mind is that if you take Ambien for the right time and as indicated previously with the correct doses, the risk of developing dependence is minimal. In a study by Hayak et al., It was found that the patients analyzed showed a higher degree of addiction to benzodiazepines compared to zolpidem. It should be noted that these patients were patients with a high risk of addiction.

In this same direction was expressed the Committee of Experts in Drug Dependence of the World Health Organization since it stated that zolpidem presents a minimal risk of producing dependence whenever patients who have been addicted to hypnotic sedatives or alcohol take The necessary precautions such as their stay under medical supervision.

The most prestigious publications in the United States have also published evidence supporting the use of Ambien. One of them is the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry in which a study was published evaluating the response of patients who had chronic insomnia to the administration of 10 mg and 15 mg of zolpidem. The variables considered were the efficacy and safety of this drug. Patients aged 21-60 years who received the medication for five weeks participated in the study. According to the opinions of the patients themselves, sleep quality was found to be higher for those individuals who took Ambien 15 mg compared to those taking 10 mg. When analyzing the number of hours spent sleeping, both zolpidem 10 mg and 15 mg were found to be more effective than placebo. There were also no significant differences between administration of zolpidem 10 mg and placebo. As for the amount of sleep that the patients were able to sleep, both doses of zolpidem were more effective than placebo. Another relevant fact to note was that patients taking zolpidem 15 mg experienced fewer awakenings throughout the night compared with those taking placebo or equally the lowest dose of zolpidem.


The researchers commented that treatment with 10 mg of zolpidem over the course of five weeks provided relief from the symptoms associated with insomnia. This means that hypnotic efficacy was maintained beyond the month of treatment. The positive effect on sleep latency and efficiency was observed when administering 10 mg and 15 mg of the drug from the first week and for 35 nights. In addition, treatment with 10 mg zolpidem not affect cognitive performance, motor, concentration or morning watch patients and did not change the ratio or slow wave sleep REM compared to placebo. There was also no worsening of sleep latency during the interruption period for any of the doses administered. Similarly, discontinuation of zolpidem 10 mg did not adversely affect nocturnal awakenings, sleep efficiency, and quality of sleep.

The purpose of bringing the evidence to the reader is to provide strong data on the efficacy and tolerability of zolpidem as one of the best treatments to combat insomnia.

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